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BuzzBuzzNet.Net Premium Network

BuzzBuzzNet.Net uses a mix of the following premium providers for our Los Angeles, CA based systems:

Telecom Center Los angeles Overview

The following is an overview of the features and technical specifications of Telecom Center LA. Network Access Center (NAC). From our many years of experience in website hosting buzzbuzz demanded the best servers, the best high-speed connections, in the best and most reliable location in the US. Therefore, our servers are located at the Telecom Center carrier hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Telecom Center LA is located directly adjacent to the One Wilshire Building, the largest carrier hotel in the Western United States on the corner of 6th and Grand in the heart of the "Telecom District," in Downtown Los Angeles. South Grand Avenue is the main corridor for optical fiber cable in the downtown area making it the prime location for Carrier Hotels. Telecom Center LA offers the widest possible array of connectivity options with high-bandwidth service available from numerous carriers and a direct conduit link of less than 500 linear feet to the One Wilshire "Meet-me Room."


Abundant cooling capacity is provided by 500 Ton redundant HVAC central plant, consisting of two-250 Ton Cooling Towers, Heat Exchanges and Water Pumps. The system is backed up with generator power.


6000 amps, 277/480 Volt, 3-phase, and 4-wire electrical service, provided by two 3000 amp main distribution switch boards and bus ducts.

Emergency Generators

The electrical systems are backed up by three 2000KW diesel generators. Each generator has diesel fuel tanks.


On-site operating engineers to support building systems and provide tenant service.

BuzzBuzzNet.Net Blazing Fast Servers

When it comes to business hosting, BuzzBuzzNet.Net understands quality systems need to be utilised that are configured and optimised for delivering true on-demand solutions. That is why BuzzBuzzNet.Net deploys only powerful scalable systems to ensure your websites load quickly, your database transactions execute instantly and so you and your visitors notice the BuzzBuzzNet.Net difference.
Our premium IBM eServers utilize multiple Quad Core CPUs, minimum of 4GB RAM, 10,000 RPM high-speed SCSI hard drives manufactured by IBM set up as a RAID array storage system to bring you performance unmatched by other providers.

BuzzBuzzNet.Net Backups

Backups we take real seriously. We understand that backups are a top priority for many website administrators. We want your data to be safe. First, we utilize high-redundancy RAID arrays on all our servers. Then there is a layer of added protection: Just in case there's a serious disaster we do encrypted nightly offsite backups. But, remember our backups are there for disaster recovery and are no substitute for you not to do regular backing up your own website and files. We strongly encourage you to have a back up plan and backup schedule in place.

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